Manu Platt, PhD recently awarded the FACES Career Initiation Grant has developed a technique which dectects a key enzyme implicated in cancer and other diseases. More

 Meriem Gaval, a graduate student in the department of neuroscience at Emory, received the Carl Storm Minority Fellowship and also received support from the conference chair to attend the Gordon Conference on Catecholamines this past August. She has also co-written and published an invited review in the journal Molecular Interventions: Gaval-Cruz M, Weinshenker D. Mechanisms of disfulfiram-induced cocaine abstinence. Molecular
Interventions. (Invited review) Mechanism of disulfiram-induced cocaine abstinence: Antabuse and cocaine relapse. Molecular Interventions. 2009 Aug; 9(4): 175-187.

Dr. Baratunde Cola, new faculty member in the department mechanical engineering and new member of the FACES steering committee, was one of 33 out of 300 applicants to receive the DARPA Young Faculty Award in the area of Power & Energy. The project is entitled Photothermal Enhanced Carbon Nanotube Rectenna Arrays for Solar Energy Conversion. Selected researchers will receive grants of approximately $300,000 to develop and validate their research ideas during the next 24 months. The objective of the DARPA YFA program is to identify and engage rising research stars in junior faculty positions in academia and expose them to Department of Defense needs and DARPA’s program development process.

Georgia Tech’s FACES beneficiaries that entered STEM academia in tenure tracks. As of 2012, each of the highlighted individuals have received meritorious early career awards.
(e.g., NSF CAREER/PECASE, NIH and AFOSR young investigator awards).

A. Asa-Awuku – University of California, Riverside

R. Beyah – Georgia Institute of Technology

T. Brown – Michigan State University

T. Clegg – University of Maryland, College Park

J. Coombs-Reyes – Norfolk State University

J. Ejae – University of Trinidad and Tobago

J. Fairley – Emory University

S. France – Georgia Institute of Technology

D. Geddis – Norfolk State University

A. Gordon – University of Central Florida

S. Graham – Georgia Institute of Technology

M. Griffith – Kennesaw State University

J. Hickman – Southern Poly University

M. Hite – Morgan State University

A. Johnson – Morehouse College

W. Johnson – Armstrong State University

M. Lewis – Cornell University

C. Liddell – Cornell University

J. Matthews – Howard University

J. Mendenhall – Morehouse College

R. Metoyer – Oregon State University

J. Mcnair – University of Florida

E. Moore – Georgia Tech Savannah

J. Owino – University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

D. Paris – Savannah State University

A. Parker – Northeastern University

M. Platt – Georgia Institute of Technology

W. Robinson – Vanderbilt University

G. Triplett – University of Missouri

C. Vance-Harris – West Chester University

F. Williams – Norfolk State University

H. Wooten – University of California, Davis